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The Wizard Tournament is a new interactive experience for the U.K. taking place at Coventry's 14th century Guildhall for a perfect setting to duel against your friends and family in a truly magical wizarding experience. 

4 years in development, with a team of over 40 years of experience in the events industry. We set out to design technology for players to duel with wands that react to specific movements. The wand technology reacts to wrist movement, anything from flicks, drawing shapes, push, pull, rotate and tapping on the wand. There are hundreds of different spells to master and combine. When you correctly cast a spell the wand vibrates to let you know.

From when you arrive and push open the large gate doors the story starts, you are selected for each team, given a team coloured robe, have a wand choose you and then taken to the 14th Century Great Hall for wizard lessons where you are taught how to move the wands in specific ways to cast the spells. 
Once everyone is ready teams of four stand opposite each other and commence in the tournament. When the dueling starts the lights go down, spell sounds surround you and coloured lights fill the room. With wizards casting spells towards each other and points are awarded for accuracy, difficulty, combining spells, variety, damaging and breaking another wizard’s shield with enough hits. Your opponents robe beeps and flashes to indicate you have correctly cast the spell and hit your target. This is where some unwanted visitors turn up. You must defend yourself and defeat some very powerful wizards who are part of the dark arts looking for something or someone. 

To fully immerse the players in the perfect atmosphere and environment the events are held at Coventry's St. Mary's Guildhall. Built in 1342 we transform the Guildhall into our school hosting the Wizard Tournament. The medieval stone walls, paintings, tapestries and large gate doors combined with wizards luggage, props, lights, smells and sounds create the perfect wizarding experience.  

We will be running this Halloween from October 27th to the 30th with 4 sessions per evening and 16 tickets per session. Ticket are £35 per person.  


For more information please call 07716512865

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